Is CCTV Suitable as Home Security?


Although CCTV is typically more noticeable in commercial settings where it is used to monitor comings and goings and even, in some cases, staff productivity as well as providing a security measure, it can be used in homes, too. Of course, you tend to see CCTV used less as a home security measure because it has historically been expensive to install full systems. As such, you will tend to see only a few CCTV cameras in operation in domestic settings, usually focusing on the main entrance. That said, advances in home security technology mean that CCTV is becoming more and more popular among homeowners. Why is that?

Wireless Video Surveillance

Perhaps the main reason for CCTV monitoring systems being more widespread among Australian homeowners these days is that you don't have to wire your cameras back to a central control unit. This old-fashioned approach to home security often meant installing armoured cable within conduits that could not be easily tampered with or cut. With the advent of Wi-Fi, it is much simpler to have multiple cameras set up around the perimeter of a property and even inside it without so many materials or installation man-hours being needed.


Like many examples of technology, CCTV has become smaller and smaller over the years. You no longer need bulky VHS cassettes to record your footage on because it can be stored in hard drives, SD cards and even in the cloud without much outlay. There again, cameras have become much smaller and less easy to spot. This means that they are more suited to suburban residential areas where homeowners won't want to draw too much attention to the fact that their property has items inside of a potentially high value. Another good thing about wireless, miniature cameras is that you can move them around easily so would-be criminals may never be quite sure as to whether they are under surveillance or not.

Remote Monitoring

Another useful advance in modern CCTV technology is that it allows ordinary home security footage to be viewed over the internet. With a secure connection, therefore, it would be quite feasible to monitor the video output from one of your cameras from any part of your home. Indeed, it is possible to send images to a smart device anywhere in the world. In short, you could log in to your system while you are at work, on a bus or even on a business trip on the other side of the world, allowing you to take appropriate action, such as alerting the police.

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26 January 2023

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