Caring for outdoor blinds


Outdoor blinds help keep your home cool, shady and free of pesky insects. However, exposure to sun, rain, dust, droppings and more can leave them looking less than their best. Fortunately, outdoor blinds are easy to keep looking great as long as you look after them regularly.  Stay alert Bird droppings and other stains can leave permanent marks on outdoor blinds if not cleaned up quickly. Try to remove these stains whenever you see them instead of leaving them for later cleaning; a few minutes' work now will save you trouble later on.

12 October 2016

2 Common Questions About Sliding Security Screen Doors


Security screen doors designed for external use are often made of stainless steel or other metal alloys. The rigid nature of the raw material used in the fabrication of these doors is often enough to make a burglar have second thoughts about forcing an entry into the house via the sliding door. For this reason sliding security screen doors are preferred by a large number of homeowners. This article provides answers to two questions that a homeowner may have when looking to upgrade to a sliding security screen door.

31 May 2016