Caring for outdoor blinds


Outdoor blinds help keep your home cool, shady and free of pesky insects. However, exposure to sun, rain, dust, droppings and more can leave them looking less than their best. Fortunately, outdoor blinds are easy to keep looking great as long as you look after them regularly. 

Stay alert

Bird droppings and other stains can leave permanent marks on outdoor blinds if not cleaned up quickly. Try to remove these stains whenever you see them instead of leaving them for later cleaning; a few minutes' work now will save you trouble later on.

Materials matter

Most outdoor blinds are made from PVC or from a mesh material that lets air flow through while keeping out glare and insects. However, others resemble indoor blinds and are made from wooden slats. The cleaning method you'll use depends on the material your blinds are made of. 

Cleaning PVC and mesh blinds

The soft material of PVC blinds is vulnerable to scratching and abrasion, making it very important to avoid using any cleaning material that would damage its surface. You can either buy specially-formulated PVC blind cleaner or simply use cold soapy water; apply the cleaner with a soft cloth. Rinse the blinds thoroughly when you're done to prevent them streaking as soap dries on them, then dry them with another soft cloth. Like PVC blinds, mesh blinds clean up easily with soapy water, a thorough rinse and drying with a soft cloth. You don't have to worry as much about scratching these blinds, but you should still avoid any cleaning method that might damage them, such as spraying them with a high-pressure hose. 

Drying your blinds

Always leave PVC or mesh blinds unrolled until they are completely dry; water trapped in a rolled blind could be harmful to the mechanism. In general, it's better to leave your blinds down as much as possible. Long-term unrolling helps them keep their shape. 

Cleaning wooden blinds

Wooden or bamboo outdoor blinds require completely different cleaning methods from their PVC or mesh counterparts. Water can damage these blinds, causing them to swell and even leading to mildew. Instead, clean them as though they were indoor blinds. Rub stains off with a soft cloth, then clean the surface of each slat with a cloth or feather duster. If your blinds have begun to fade from exposure to the sun and rain, you may need to reapply a stain or sealant. 


12 October 2016

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