Perfect Ways to Hide Security Cameras Around Your Home


Advancements in security systems have seen the development of some of the best surveillance cameras. The trend has been driven by the increased demand for residential security systems. Consequently, the options are so many that your best bet at finding the right security camera is talking to a professional in the industry. Once you find the right security camera system, the next step is installation. Some homeowners prefer to hide their security cameras, while others do not mind installing them in the open. If you belong to the former group, this article highlights the best areas to hide security cameras around your house.

Use Skin Covers

Most security cameras have a glossy surface, and the sheen makes them easy to spot when installed in the open. Others have white casings, meaning you can see them from a few metres away. While a conspicuous security camera is still an excellent deterrent, there is no harm in making it inconspicuous. Skin covers are a perfect option for hiding security cameras in plain sight. For instance, you can clothe a security camera in a skin cover resembling leaves and install it on a nearby tree. Similarly, you can use skin covers that look like a rock and install a camera on an elevated plant pot. Ultimately, security camera skin covers allow the surveillance devices to blend with the surrounding.  

Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are common in most homes, especially in neighbourhoods with many trees. Notably, birds are a therapeutic and aesthetic sight; hence, many homeowners do not mind attracting as many birds as possible to their properties. Bird feeders offer the perfect areas to hide security cameras because you can install them anywhere. Whether you want it on a fence post, off a tree branch or on top of a gate, a security camera is difficult to spot in a bird feeder. Do not worry about birds blocking the cameras' field of view because such feeders do not hold any bird feed.

Front Door Embellishments

The front door is another perfect place to hide security cameras in plain sight. It is especially the case if you love front door decorations such as wreaths, door numbers, welcome baskets and valence decor. Since such embellishments directly face anybody in your front door, it is the least expected spot for hidden cameras. The belief makes front door decorations an ideal spot for hiding a security camera. Just make sure you disguise the camera well so that people have difficulty spotting it.

For more information on how to hide security systems, contact a company near you.


26 April 2022

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