Does Your Business Have A Good Alarm System?


While many people are quite happy to install CCTV and security systems at home, a lot of the time it is common to see no such protections on businesses. Whether that be an oversight of some kind or just faith in the fact that there is less likely to be a break-in because the business is in a busy precinct, it does put you in a vulnerable position. To avoid this you need to make sure that you have an adequate security alarm system that will quickly notify you and cover your entire shop. Here is how to go about finding the right security measures for your needs.

Multiple Back-Up Ways Of Communication

Most alarms are pretty adept at picking up when something is wrong, but they can struggle with alerting the outside world. They need to have strong Wi-Fi connections, but that can be spotty at times due to outages and other issues. That is why it is key that you choose security alarm systems that also come with a back-up form of communication, whether that be a sim card that has 4G capabilities or a hard connection into a phone line. Never just rely on one form of outside communication or it could backfire, especially something as easy to tamper with as Wi-Fi.

Every Entrance

Some alarm systems will only cover doors, while others will just cover the main entrance. You need security alarm systems that will cover every single door. You should also have sensors placed on every window as well. Doors are easy to bypass, and often windows are a far more tempting target than trying to crack open a heavy door anyway. Most criminals will know that if you do have an alarm, chances are it will be on the door, so targeting windows is often their priority. 

24/7 Monitoring

Whether you have a method of being alerted whenever something goes wrong at your business or you utilise back to base monitoring, you need a way to be accessible whatever time of day it is. There is no point in having a security alarm system that only makes a noise or ruckus at the location. You need to be notified so that you can react to it, call the police or, if it is a false alarm, reset everything so it is all in good working order in case the real threat was nearby. Don't just use automated alarms that don't involve a person. Instead, try to make sure that you or a trusted security company can be reached at all times. 

For more information, contact a company that provides security alarm systems.


2 November 2021

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