Does Your Business Have A Good Alarm System?


While many people are quite happy to install CCTV and security systems at home, a lot of the time it is common to see no such protections on businesses. Whether that be an oversight of some kind or just faith in the fact that there is less likely to be a break-in because the business is in a busy precinct, it does put you in a vulnerable position. To avoid this you need to make sure that you have an adequate security alarm system that will quickly notify you and cover your entire shop.

2 November 2021

Installing CCTV at Remotely Monitored Sites: Top Tips


This article will discuss some top tips for installing CCTV at remotely-monitored sites and will include information about assessing image quality, installing high-quality data cables, and having a clear alarm escalation plan. Read on to find out more. Aim for maximum resolution  Image quality is one of the major factors that determine whether a CCTV system is effective and reliable, so it's important to ensure you get the right CCTV camera for the job.

1 March 2021