What Should You Look for in a Security Screen?


A security screen door or a security screen over your window can add a layer of security to your home both day and night. These screens are made of a thicker, tougher mesh than standard aluminum screens so they cannot simply be cut with wire cutters, and they usually have a strong, sturdy lock. This allows you to keep the inside door open during the day and know that you're safe inside your home while still enjoying light and fresh air, and to also have even more security at night when everything is closed up.

25 June 2015

Features To Look For In A Home Security System


To keep their families and homes safe, many homeowners are investing in security systems. Some of these systems are as simple as a door or window alarm, while others are so advanced that they are difficult to use. The best type of system to get is one that is relatively easy to use, and one that has the following features: Alarms Every security system should have an alarm that will alert you if a window or door has been opened when it isn't supposed to be.

24 April 2015

Why Every Landlord Should Install Security Window Screens On Their Properties


If you are a landlord, you may automatically think about the look and feel of your rental properties. You want them to be warm, inviting, and overall appealing for your future tenants. In the process of creating the ideal space for your tenants, you may have overlooked one of the most important aspects of the property, the safety. One way that you can provided safety to your tenants is by installing security window screens.

17 April 2015