Features To Look For In A Home Security System


To keep their families and homes safe, many homeowners are investing in security systems. Some of these systems are as simple as a door or window alarm, while others are so advanced that they are difficult to use. The best type of system to get is one that is relatively easy to use, and one that has the following features:


Every security system should have an alarm that will alert you if a window or door has been opened when it isn't supposed to be. While it may not be necessary to alarm windows on the upper levels of a home, alarms should be installed on all of the ground floor and basement windows that are easy for burglars to access. An ideal system will have an alarm that is set off by motion, as well as a button that you can press yourself to set off the alarm.

Electronic Locks

Keys can be lost and picked up by strangers, or even stolen and copied. Then, anyone who has a key can get into your home when you are not there. If you have a security system with electronic locks, you never have to worry about anyone having your keys. The only people who will be able to enter your home are those who have been given your security code (immediate family living in the home and possibly another family member for emergencies). Ideally, your security system will be one that is wired up to a central answering service, so as soon as an alarm sounds the service will be notified and will send emergency responders to your home.


Home security should include security lighting. There are several types you can choose from, including dusk-to-dawn, motion activated, and timed lights. The latter two are the ideal types to have. With motion activated lighting, you will be notified to any intruders on your property because the light will automatically come on. Lighting that is on a timer is great to have if you keep odd hours or travel a lot. You can set the timer so the lights come on, both inside and outside your home, so it looks like someone is home even when the house is empty.


One final feature that you may want your security system to have is cameras. It is a good idea to have one camera at each entrance. That way, you are able to see who is on your property. If someone is at the door, you will know who it is, and you can choose whether or not to answer the door.

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24 April 2015

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