What Should You Look for in a Security Screen?


A security screen door or a security screen over your window can add a layer of security to your home both day and night. These screens are made of a thicker, tougher mesh than standard aluminum screens so they cannot simply be cut with wire cutters, and they usually have a strong, sturdy lock. This allows you to keep the inside door open during the day and know that you're safe inside your home while still enjoying light and fresh air, and to also have even more security at night when everything is closed up.

Consider a few things to look for when it comes to buying a security screen door or security screens for your windows:

1. Material

Note that most security screens are made of either steel, aluminum, or an alloy which is a combination of other metals. Aluminum and alloys are weaker than steel, so you might notice that these security frames have larger bars that create the mesh or design of the door so that they're strong enough to keep the door from being cut.

This means less light and airflow when you want to keep the inside door open, but aluminum and metal alloys may be cheaper than steel. You'll need to consider your budget along with your comfort level when considering the best material.

It's also good to check on the warranty for the door or screen when it comes to rust; this will be affected by whether or not it's powder coated or otherwise treated. You may need to have the screen re-coated after so many years as it may begin to rust after that time, so consider investing in an option that offers the longest warranty.

2. Flush mounted

Flush mounting a screen door or security screen for the window can make it look more attractive, and it provides a better seal to keep out drafts since the screen will fit snugly inside the frame. Mounting a screen door or security screen for the window on a tube frame will make it stand out more, as it sits away from the door itself; this protrusion might make it look more industrial and unattractive.

If you live in the tropics or anywhere where bugs are a concern, the flush mounting may also help to keep them out since there isn't a gap between the screen and the home's frame, as there is with tube mounting.

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25 June 2015

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