Why Every Landlord Should Install Security Window Screens On Their Properties


If you are a landlord, you may automatically think about the look and feel of your rental properties. You want them to be warm, inviting, and overall appealing for your future tenants. In the process of creating the ideal space for your tenants, you may have overlooked one of the most important aspects of the property, the safety. One way that you can provided safety to your tenants is by installing security window screens. If you aren't sure how this will help, consider the following points.

Reduced Break-Ins

According to statistics, over 95% of break-ins do require force. If you have traditional window screens installed, all a burglar will need is a pair of scissors or a knife to cut the screen and break the glass. They could be in your rental properties and burglarizing your tenants residence within a matter of minutes. If you have security window screens installed, the chance of break-ins can be reduced simply based on the difficulty of entry alone.

Reduced Corrosion

One of the reasons that many property owners don't want to use security windows, bars, gates, or other related items is due to appearance. Over the course of time, security bars as well as gates and other steel based items will begin to rust and corrode. This can mean costly replacement if you want to keep the security feature as well as the appearance of the property. Instead, consider using security window screens that are made of primarily aluminium or other rust free and corrosion free materials.

Increased Appearance

If you are looking for a way to add security as well as improve the appearance of the property, then you may want to consider security window screens. Some of these options look like traditional screens, traditional storm doors, or like tinted glass. This gives a professional appearance, and the security features don't detract from the view of the property or from inside the property.

Increased Evacuation Options

If you begin to look at security screens, doors, and bar options, you will find that many of them prevent easy evacuation options. This can be a huge safety hazard for your tenants, especially during the event of a fire. Choosing a security window screen will give the option of easy removal during times when quick evacuation from the flat or building is vital.

These are just a few of the reasons that every landlord should install security window screens on their properties. If you are ready to take this option, schedule an appointment with a security professional, such as those found at Bonds Security Products. They can give you a price estimate as well as help you choose the ideal option for your properties.


17 April 2015

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