Two Reasons to Hire Security Guards for Your Festival


If you plan to host a festival in your town or city, it is important to ensure that you hire plenty of security guards for your event. Read on to find out why.

To prevent alcohol-induced fights from escalating

People often like to drink alcohol when they go to festivals. Even if you do not plan to serve alcoholic drinks at your event, those in attendance may bring along their own and as such may still end up becoming intoxicated. This is an important point to keep in mind, as people who have consumed a significant amount of alcohol in a noisy and boisterous setting may be inclined to get into arguments with those around them, and perhaps even initiate physical fights.

If or when these incidents happen, it could be very helpful to have some security guards around who can use their experience and expertise to help defuse the tension between any people who are arguing (and thus prevent the argument from turning into a physical altercation) or even physically separate any individuals who are involved in a fight.

This type of calm, professional intervention could help to prevent both those involved in the argument and those around the people who are fighting from sustaining injuries.

To ensure that any attendees on their own who feel unsafe can access help if they need it

It is a sad fact that whilst the vast majority of festival-goers are civilised people who simply want to have a fun day out with their friends, these events can also draw some unscrupulous individuals who may have bad intentions.

If a person finds themselves on their own in a situation where they are being followed, harassed or intimidated by these types of unsavoury characters, the presence of nearby security guards could make all the difference in what happens to them.

In most cases, if a person in this type of scenario simply walks over to a security guard and stands by them, this will be enough to scare off the unpleasant individuals who were previously intent on harassing them. Even if they continue to try to intimidate that person in the presence of the security guard, the guard in question can take the appropriate action to protect the person who is in trouble. This might mean calling the local police and taking the person to a safer location within the festival grounds.

Conversely, if you do not have any security guards at your event, there is a chance that a person in this kind of situation could end up being assaulted.


21 March 2019

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