2 Ways a Bomb Dog Can Improve Your Business Security


Unfortunately, explosives are used by terrorist to kill people and to cause the destruction of property. Australia is currently threatened by a number of terrorist groups such as Al-Qa'ida and Islamic State (ISIS). These terror groups have published information which allows their supporters to construct explosive devices.The threat of terrorism, including bombs, remains 'Probable', which means that an attack is likely. Below is a guide to the ways in which a bomb detection dog can help to keep your business safe.

Crowd and vehicle checks

A bomb detection dog can be used to carry out crowd and vehicle checks before people enter your property. In order to inflict as much damage as possible, a terrorist is likely to want to gain entry to your building. This will often mean that they have to pass through a security checkpoint on foot or in a car. A dog's nose is incredibly sensitive and can pick up even the faintest scent of explosives. Searching by scent enables the bomb dog to locate explosives which have been hidden in the side panels and interior parts of a vehicle. Because the dog has been trained to expect a reward when it locates a bomb, it will be motivated to search every car and person who enters your property. If the dog detects explosives, it will discreetly signal to the handler by wagging its tail and moving around the target. This discretion is important, as it will give the security officers time to act before the bomber can detonate their device.

Area security

An explosives dog can also help you to maintain area security. Area security involves the detection of any explosive devices which have been planted within your business property. If a lot of people use your business premises, it would be very easy for someone to leave a bag which contains a bomb in a rubbish bin, behind a pillar or under a desk. When a timer is triggered at some later point, the device will explode. These types of devices can be very difficult to locate, which is why asking a security officer and their bomb dog to carry out patrols throughout the day can ensure that any suspect devices are quickly detected.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of hiring a bomb detection dog as part of your business security program, you should contact a security company which specialises in this area of work today.


24 April 2018

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