How to Make Your Home Burglar Proof on a Budget


Keeping would-be intruders out of your home is, unfortunately, a part of modern life in Australia given the crime statistics in the country. However, few burglars enter homes when the residents are inside. Therefore, most of your burglar proofing measures in the home should be focused on how to secure your residence when you are out. For complete peace of mind, it may be worth investing in some of the modern home security systems available these days. After all, many are becoming cheaper and will also often reduce your insurance premiums. If you prefer a low-tech alternative in the meantime, then read on...

  • Deadbolt all of your doors. Most people think nothing of slamming their front door behind them only to be secured by the tumbler lock when they leave the house in the morning. Always take the time and effort to deadbolt your door as well, especially if you leave via a door which cannot be easily seen from the street. Multi-locked doors are harder to gain access through and burglars will usually select the easiest house in the area to break into, meaning they will bypass yours.

  • Draw your curtains. Pulling your curtains across your window or dropping your blinds down has the benefit of preventing prying eyes from seeing in. If an intruder cannot see inside your home, then the chances are that he or she will pass on to another home to 'case'. Without being able to see any valuables or electronic equipment, your home becomes less attractive to professional burglars.

  • Install a movement detection light fitting. Just by fitting a battery powered light over your back door, you are less likely to suffer a break in. Thieves often target a shaded area where they cannot be easily identified if they are spotted. If their movements close to your home cause a light to come on, then they won't like it and move on. Battery-operated ones are preferable because the power to them cannot be cut easily by snipping through power cables, but make sure that you install them out of reach.

  • Secure sliding doors. Patio doors are weak spots in any home's defences. Fit a wooden block against any external sliding door in your home on the inside so that, even if the lock is picked, the door cannot be moved sideways. Wedge something in between the wall and the door's frame so that it cannot be moved.


10 May 2017

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